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Havens' Automatic Wire Rope Railway

Chemical Sugar

The Vienna Patent Congress Once More

The Department of Parks, New York City

Manufacture of Illuminating Gas from Crude Petroleum

Failure of the Balloon to Europe

Tidings from the Missing Arctic Explorers

Scientific and Practical Information - September 27, 1873

Gas as Fuel

New Steam Motor - September 27, 1873

The Rigi Railway


The Planet Mars--Is It Inhabited?

The Great Exposition--Letter From United States Commissioner Professor R. H. Thurston

Combined Spade and Fork

Improved Railroad Hand Brake

Combined Water and Pressure Gage

Down Hall, near Harlow, Essex, England

Improved Clutch Drill

The Magic Lantern as a Means of Demonstration

By Henry Morton

Vienna Premiums Again and the American Sewing Machines

Recent American and Foreign Patents - September 27, 1873

Answer to Correspondents - September 27, 1873

Communications Received - September 27, 1873


  • Letters

    Correspondence - September 27, 1873

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - September 27, 1873

  • Departments

    Notes and Queries - September 27, 1873

  • Business and Personal - September 27, 1873

  • Index of Inventions - September 27, 1873

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September 27, 1873