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James Young Founder of the Paraffin Oil Industry

Microscopic Crystals in Plants

Velocity of Nervous Impulses

The Fireless Locomotive

The Autopsy of Professor Agassiz

Steam Boiler Explosions.—The Work Accomplished by the United States Commission

The Origin of the Diamond

The Death of Dr. Livingstone

Allan's Floating Batteries and Saloons

How Greenbacks are Cancelled

Drawing and Sketching--Practical Hints and Recipes

Captain Galton's Ventilating Fireplace

Improved Wood Screw

Scientific and Practical Information - February 14, 1874

About Ourselves

Improved Gaining Machine - February 14, 1874

Barker's Heating and Ventilating Apparatus

Monson's Improved Auger

Improved Wash Boiler

The Australian Fever Tree

Self-Pumping Well-Boring Drill

How Shall I Introduce my Invention?

Decisions of the Courts - February 14, 1874

United States Circuit Court—District of Massachusetts

Recent American and Foreign Patents - February 14, 1874

Answers Correspondents - February 14, 1874

Communications Received - February 14, 1874

Canadian Patents - February 14, 1874

List of Patents Granted in Canada, January 23, 1873


  • Letters

    Correspondence - February 14, 1874

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - February 14, 1874

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - February 14, 1874

  • Index of Inventions - February 14, 1874

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February 14, 1874