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Casement's Pressure Regulator for Fluids

Herschel, Tyndall, and Draper on the Sun Ray

Slippery Pavements

Patent Monopolies in Congress

To New Subscribers

Scientific and Practical Information - February 28, 1874

Whitworth Steel

A Paper and Glass Debate

Hilf's Iron Permanent Way

Improved Movable Teeth for Saws

Improved Trench Braces

Pipe Cutting and Threading Machine

On the Purification of Mercury

By Albert R. Leeds

Casement's Improved Method of Burning Fuel

Decisions of the Courts - February 28, 1874

How Shall I Introduce my Invention?

Recent American and Foreign Patents - February 28, 1874

Answers Correspondents - February 28, 1874

Communications Received - February 28, 1874

Canadian Patents - February 28, 1874


  • Letters

    Correspondence - February 28, 1874

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - February 28, 1874

  • Index of Inventions - February 28, 1874

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February 28, 1874

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism