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Improved Slotting Machine and Slotting and Planing Tool

American Soda

A Remarkable Report about Remarkable Pumping Engines

A Congressional Patent Discussion

The Great Lava Flood of Oregon

Dangers of Nursery Explosives

Nerve Force

Acoustic Darkness and Mental Light

Scientific Results of the Polaris Expedition

Font Pen with a Capillary Feeder

Watson's Butter Former

Schofield's Improved Needle Threader

Improved Self-Closing Faucet Attachment

Barnum's Removable Horseshoe Calk

The Newfoundland Devil Fish

Chemical Notes

Improved Automatic Tool Grinding Machine

Improved Circular and Band Saw Set

House Top Gardening

Decisions of the Courts - March 21, 1874

United States Circuit Court

To New Subscribers

Recent American and Foreign Patents

Patent Office Decisions

Importance of Advertising

Answers to Correspondents - March 21, 1874

Canadian Patents - March 21, 1874


Communications Received - March 21, 1874


  • Letters

    Correspondence - March 21, 1874

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - March 21, 1874

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - March 21, 1874

  • Index of Inventions - March 21, 1874

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March 21, 1874

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