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The Albion Boiler

A Proposed Testing Laboratory

Muscular Movement without Life

Hon. David A. Wells and the French Institute

Discovery of the Cause of the Zodiacal Light

Art among the Ashantees

The Magnetic Equivalent of Heat

Regulating the Speed of an Engine

From Chaos to Coral

Burial in the Sea

Device for Preventing Horses from Cribbing

Overhead Traveling Crane

Improved Mixing Spoon

The Keokuk and Hamilton Bridge

Useful Information on Steam Power

Improved Picket Fence

Improved Work Holder for Lathes

Curious Plants

Decisions of the Commissioner of Patents

The Flow of Solids and Its Effect upon the Strength of Materials

By R. H. Thurston

Decisions of the Courts - May 23, 1874

Recent American and Foreign Patents - May 23, 1874

Answer Correspondents - May 23, 1874

Communications Received - May 23, 1874

Canadian Patents - May 23, 1874


  • Letters

    Correspondence - May 23, 1874

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - May 23, 1874

  • Index of Inventions - May 23, 1874

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May 23, 1874

Confronting Common Wisdom