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Improved Bridge Construction

Progress of Rapid Transit in New York

A New Machine for Removing Snow from Streets

Important Changes Proposed in the British Patent Laws

Amalgams for Filling the Teeth

Scientific and Practical Information - April 24, 1875

Another Earthquake Indicator

Test of American Iron and Steel

Kaolin in the United States

A New Mercury Air Pump

Apparatus for Determining the Impermeability of Tissues

Dittman's Improved Locking Nut

Beckwith's Improved Lumber Dog

A New Tack Hammer

The Sun's Position at Different Seasons of the Year

The Anatifa

A Chinese Patentee

Improved Shingle Machine

Improved Tanning Process

The Secretary Bird

The Wardian System of Plant Cases

The Modern Theory of Color

Recent American and Foreign Patents - April 24, 1875

Decisions of the Courts - April 24, 1875

Communications Received - April 24, 1875


  • Letters

    Correspondence - April 24, 1875

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - April 24, 1875

  • Index of inventions - April 24, 1875

  • Notes and Queries - April 24, 1875

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