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Hot Drafts for Steam Boiler Furnaces

Rights of Employer and Employed in Respect to a New Invention

The Keely Motor Deception

The Search for the Pole

Cremation in the Household

Tainted Meat

The Hydrology of South Africa

Scientific and Practical Information - July 3, 1875

Improved Three-Cylinder Pump

Rudimentary Existence in Fresh Water Streams

Revolving Fire Bars

Improved Horse Hay Rake

Improved Napper and Brusher

The Animalism of Plants

A New Magneto-Electric Engine

Decisions of the Courts - July 3, 1875

Recent American and Foreign Patents - July 3, 1875

Canadian Patents - July 3, 1875

Communications Received - July 3, 1875


  • Letters

    Correspondence - July 3, 1875

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - July 3, 1875

  • Notes and Queries - July 3, 1875

  • Index of Inventions - July 3, 1875

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