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Riveting by Hydraulic Power

The New Phylloxera Remedy

Taking a Chance

The Keely Motor Deception

Scientific and Practical Information - July 24, 1875

Rate and Cause of Glacial Motion

A New Pyrometer

Improved Horse Yoke

The New Arctic Sledge

Improved Railway Car-Washing Machine

Practical Mechanism - July 24, 1875

By Joshua Rose

Artesian Wells

Nessle's Street Railway Rail

The Finches

Medical Notes - July 24, 1875

How to Put up a Water Closet

Testing the Color of Water

Recent American and Foreign Patents - July 24, 1875

Communications Received - July 24, 1875

Canadian Patents - July 24, 1875


  • Letters

    Correspondence - July 24, 1875

  • Departments

    Notes and Queries - July 24, 1875

  • Business and Personal - July 24, 1875

  • Index of Inventions - July 24, 1875

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Bacterial Balancing Act

Bacterial Balancing Act

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