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The Mexican Railway

Stanley, Cameron, and Nordenskjold

What Working Men Should Exhibit at the Centennial

Photographing the Invisible

Lower California

Water in the Pipes

One of Mr. Edison's Curious Experiments

Who Invented the Barrel?

Rapid Bridge Building

Improved Apparatus for Emptying Aquaria

Improvements in the Manufacture of Coke

Improved Mill

Voting by Machinery

Improved Barrel Faucet Bushing

Improved Still Column

The Jaguars

The New Nebular Theory--Possible Work for the Astronomers

Scientific and Practical Information - January 15, 1876

Decisions of the Courts - January 15, 1876

United States Circuit Court---Southern District of New York

Recent American and Foreign Patents - January 15, 1876

New Chemical and Miscellaneous Inventions

New Woodworking and House and Carriage Building Inventions - January 15, 1876

New Agricultural Inventions - January 15, 1876

New Household Articles - January 15, 1876

New Mechanical and Engineering Inventions - January 15, 1876

New Textile Machinery

Canadian Patents - January 15, 1876

Communications Received - January 15, 1876


  • Letters

    Correspondence - January 15, 1876

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - January 15, 1876

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - January 15, 1876

  • Notes and Queries - January 15, 1876

  • Index of Inventions - January 15, 1876

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The Essential Guide to the Modern World

The Essential Guide to the Modern World