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Improved Pumping Engine for Water Works

The Oil Resources of Africa

What the Coming Man may be

A Man's Work

Another Neglected Industry--Mushroom Raising

Can We Protect Our Bank Vaults?

Remarkable Pumping Engines

New Automatic Feed Water Purifier

Port's Improved Wrench

Improved Barbers' Apparatus

Improved Lathing Machine

A Simple form of Blowpipe

Improved Submerged Current Wheel

A New Medicament

Practical Mechanism - February 26, 1876

By Joshua Rose

Water Regulator and Indicator for Steam Boilers

Improved Leather-Dressing Machine

A Caucasian Wild Geranium

The Extermination of the Phylloxera by Alkaline Sulpho-Carbonates

Scientific and Practical Information - February 26, 1876

Decisions of the Courts - February 26, 1876

New Agricultural Inventions - February 26, 1876

Recent American and Foreign Patents - February 26, 1876

New Chemical and Miscellaneous Inventions - February 26, 1876

New Woodworking and House and Carriage Building Inventions - February 26, 1876

Canadian Patents - February 26, 1876

Communications Received - February 26, 1876


  • Letters

    Correspondence - February 26, 1876

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - February 26, 1876

  • Notes and Queries - February 26, 1876

  • Index of Inventions - February 26, 1876

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Why Do Facts Fail?

Why Do Facts Fail?

Deconstructing Denial