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The Centennial Exhibition.--The Great Corliss Engines

American Progress--III.--From 1840 to the Present Time

The Present Condition of the Centennial

The Centennial Buildings.--The New Jersey Buildings and the Women's Pavilion

The Spanish Centennial Building

Collins' Dough Cutter

Muntz's Tannin-Testing Apparatus

Stephenson's Horseshoe and Swage

Collins' Door Check

Calculating the Speed of Wheels, Pulleys, Etc

Scientific and Practical Information - June 3, 1876

Practical Mechanism - June 3, 1876

By Joshua Rose

Improved Cotton Stalk Puller

Improved Water Wheel

A Fish that Fishes

The Work of the United States Fish Commission

Musical Vibrations

Notes on Chemistry

Geometrical Chemistry.--Remarkable Discovery by Professor Henry Wurtz

New Woodworking and House and Carriage Building Inventions - June 3, 1876

New Agricultural Inventions - June 3, 1876

New Chemical and Miscellaneous Inventions - June 3, 1876

Recent American and Foreign Patents - June 3, 1876

New Household Articles - June 3, 1876

Communications Received - June 3, 1876


  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - June 3, 1876

  • Departments

    Notes and Queries - June 3, 1876

  • Business and Personal - June 3, 1876

  • Index of Inventions - June 3, 1876

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