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Steam Hand Car--Miniature Railroad Train

Ancient Grecian Glass

Workmen and their Instructors

Canned Meats Poisoned with Mercury

The Centennial Exposition

Mechanical Vibration as a Substitute for Anæsthetics

Compressed Air as a Street Car Motor

A New Compound Engine Jack

The Utilization of Petroleum and Natural Gas in Blast Furnaces

Bartlett's Ozone Machine

Practical Mechanism - August 5, 1876

By Joshua Rose

Ficht's Improved Lifting Machine

Improved Check Rein

Improved Adding Pencil

Gas Works on the Kitchen Range

Some Well Known British Moths

Chucks, Forms of Iron, and Lubricators

The Industries and Resources of Japan

The Oceanic Circulation Controversy

New Agricultural Inventions - August 5, 1876

Recent American and foreign Patents - August 5, 1876

New Woodworking and House and Carriage Building Inventions - August 5, 1876

New Household Inventions - August 5, 1876

New Chemical and Miscellaneous Inventions - August 5, 1876

Communications Received - August 5, 1876

The Validity of Patents - August 5, 1876


  • Letters

    Correspondence - August 5, 1876

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - August 5, 1876

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - August 5, 1876

  • Index of Inventions - August 5, 1876

  • Notes and Queries - August 5, 1876

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August 05, 1876

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