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A Bookbinder's Sewing Machine

Professor Huxley's Lectures in America

A Sermon Preached by the Microscope

The Spontaneous Combustion of Coal at Sea

The Yellow Fever Epidemic

Why Is The Sea Salt?

Car Truck Frame Drilling Machine

A New Gearing

Success of the Hell Gate Explosion

Mediæval Ironwork

An Ornithological Ornament

Practical Mechanism - October 7, 1876

By Joshua Rose

A New Mechanical Movement

Improved Link Block for Locomotives

Improved Stop Valve

Vines for Winter Decoration

Rambling Notes

Centennial Notes

The Fair of the American Institute

Decisions of the Commissioner of Patents

Decisions of the Courts - October 7, 1876

Recent American and foreign Patents - October 7, 1876

New Agricultural Inventions - October 7, 1876

New Household Inventions - October 7, 1876

New Miscellaneous Inventions - October 7, 1876

New Woodworking and House and Carriage Building Inventions - October 7, 1876

Communications Received - October 7, 1876

The Validity of Patents - October 7, 1876


  • Letters

    Correspondence - October 7, 1876

  • Departments

    Notes and Queries - October 7, 1876

  • Business and Personal - October 7, 1876

  • Index of Inventions - October 7, 1876

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Why Do Facts Fail?

Why Do Facts Fail?

Deconstructing Denial