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The Lumber Trade in Pennsylvania

Publishers' Card

Transfusion of Blood

The End of the Year

City Subscribers

The Artist vs. The Artisan

Binding of Numbers

Who Discovered the Circulation of the Blood ?

The Prevention of Fires in Theaters

The Cremation of Baron De Palm

Remarkable Clocks

Improved Solar Photographic Apparatus

English Cheese--Its Manufacture

M. Plante's Theory of the Formation of Hail

Improved Semolina Separator

A Tasteful Flower Trellis

Simple Laboratory Apparatus

New Combination Hand and Power Feed Surface Planing Machine

The British Arctic Expedition

Decisions of the Courts - December 23, 1876

To our Subscribers

Supply of Bound Volumes

Recent American and Foreign Patents - December 23, 1876

New Miscellaneous Inventions - December 23, 1876

New Mechanical and Engineering Inventions - December 23, 1876

New Household Inventions - December 23, 1876

New Agricultural Inventions - December 23, 1876

Communications Received - December 23, 1876


  • Letters

    Correspondence - December 23, 1876

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - December 23, 1876

  • Notes and Queries - December 23, 1876

  • Index - December 23, 1876

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December 23, 1876

Confronting Common Wisdom