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New Lithographic Stone-Dressing Machine

Portable Steam Engine

Neuralgic Storm Belts

Recent Improvements in Photography

A New Explosive Compound for Large Guns

Why Fresh Water Fish Cannot Live in Salt Water

“Lost His Ambition”

A New Experiment for the Synthesis of Sunlight

Improved Fish Scaler

Water Held in a Cage and Boiled in a Sieve

The Papyrus or Paper Reed

How To Do It, and How Not To Do It

Improved High Speed Dry Air Compressor

Combined Pipe Tongs, Wrench, and Screwdriver

Kenyon's Adjustable Rubber Bucket for Chain Pumps

A Remarkable Kingfisher

Recent American and Foreign Patents - May 19, 1877

Decisions of the Courts - May 19, 1877

New Miscellaneous Inventions

New Household Inventions - May 19, 1877

New Mechanical and Engineering Inventions - May 19, 1877

New Agricultural Inventions - May 19, 1877

New Textile Invention - May 19, 1877

New Woodworking and House and Carriage Building Inventions - May 19, 1877

Communications Received - May 19, 1877


  • Departments

    New Books and Publications - May 19, 1877

  • Bussiness and Personal - May 19, 1877

  • Index of Inventions - May 19, 1877

  • Patents - May 19, 1877

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