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Self-Acting Car Couplers, Preparation of Oxalic Acid from Parchment Paper

Vertical Compound Engine with Allison's Boiler

Anomalies in the Temperature of the Boiling Point


Sun Spots and Famine

Meteoric Heat

The International Rifle Contest

The Agricultural Value of Worms

Influence of Light on the Electric Condition of Metals in Saline Solutions

Another Mysterious Clock


By Theodore Berdell

The Industrial Applications of the Electric Light


Science at the British Association

The Colorado Potato-Beetle in Europe.--German Thoroughness

By C. V. Riley

Improved Car Coupling

Improved Sash Balance

Dillon's Halter Chain, and Trace Coupling

The Birds of Paradise

Trial of Military Appliances

The American Life Saver or Surf Car

A Chimneyless Stove

New Mechanical and Engineering Inventions

Improvement in Manufacture of Beton

By John C. Goodrich Jr.

Recent American and Foreign Patents

New Miscellaneous Inventions

Communications Received


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