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The 42D Street Sewage Tunnel, New York City

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

$80,000 Reward for a Cure for Cholera

Sun Spots Studied by Solar Photography

Cerebral Thermometry

Notes of Decisions of the Courts

The Glandular Theory of Disease

Improved Tile-Making Machine

Harrison's New Portable Flouring Mill

M. Trouve's New Moist Battery


Practical Mechanism

By Joshua Rose

Improved Boring Machine

Improved Label Holder

A Curious Result of Denudation

The New French Exposition Palace

Raising Obelisks

New Arrangement of the Air Reservoirs in Pumps

New Mechanical and Engineering Inventions

How to Adjust Engine Guide Bars

New Miscellaneous Inventions

Recent American and Foreign Patents

New Agricultural Inventions

New Household Inventions

Wants and Business Inquiries


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    New Books and Publications

  • Notes and Queries

  • Business and Personal

  • Index of Inventions

  • Patents

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