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The Pictet Ice Machine

The Cure of Diphtheria

Venerable Journalists

The Geological Relations of the Atmosphere

Breakage of a Steamboat Beam

Water Supply for New York City

The Green Corn Case

How to Make Homes Healthy

Combined Engine and Sugar Cane Grinding Mill

The Ross Burr Stone Grinding Mill


Hill's Folding Book Case

Improved Tool Post for Lathes

The Capercailzie

Improved Tricycle

The Proboscis and Lancets of the Stable Fly

By J. Michels

Scientific and Practical Information

By T. C. Plelsey

The Curious Life-History of Our Blister Beetles

By C. V. Riley

Wants and Business Inquiries

Communications Received


  • Departments

    Business and Personal

  • Notes and Queries

  • Index of Inventions

  • Patents

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December 01, 1877

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism