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Improved Faucet

Professor Mayer's' New Method of Finding the Coefficient of Expansion of Metals and Alloys

United States Coinage and the Great Pyramid

Is There a Law of Invention?

Adam Scott Cameron

Shooting Stars

Notes of Patent Office Decisions

The Distances of the Planets from the Sun

The Abandonment of the Cleopatra at Sea

How to Paint Magic Lanterns

Practical Mechanism

By Joshua Rose

Self-Watering Flower Pots

Improved Construction of Portable Frame Buildings

The Truncated Pichiciago

The Carolina Mantis

By C. Few Seiss

New Trapless Watercloset

Astronomical Notes

Dorr's Adjustable Hat and Coat Rack

Wants and Business Inquiries

Communications Received

The Scientific American

The Most Popular Scientific Paper in the World


  • Departments

    New Inventions

  • Notes and Queries

  • Business and Personal

  • Index of Inventions

  • Patents

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