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The Cash Recording Machine

The Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents

A Patent Office Court

Telegraphing without Wires

The Shop Clock

Color-Blindness in its Relations to the Safety of the Traveling Public

The Bullion Product of 1877

“That is Near Enough”

Dangerous Smoke and Drink

The Electric Light in Photography

New Adjustable Swivel Hanger

Shaw's Improved Exhaust Nozzle

Appliances for Supporting Life in Irrespirable Media


Wise's Ice Cream Beater

An Improved Hoisting Machine

The India Rubber Tree

The Thompson Wooden Spring for Vehicles

The Codling Moth

M. Henri Giffard's New Apparatus for the Production of Hydrogen in Large Quantities

Prevention of Gaseous Emanations from Drains and Sewers

Wants and Business Inquiries


  • Departments

    Business and Personal

  • Notes and Queries

  • Index of Inventions

  • Patents

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