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A New Switch Pedal

The Voltaic Pencil

Engine of the Torpedo Vessel Destroyer

A Vegetable Green for Confectioners

Some Patents that Section 11 would have Killed

Glucose Honey

A New Industry

A Hint for an Invention

The Laundries of New York

Haeckel on Evolution

A Great Market for Our Cattle and Other Produce

The Demenge Engine and Boiler

A New Potato Digger

The Manufacture of Lard

American Mechanical Genius

By W. J. Stillman

Atmospheric Air and the Vacuum

The Porcupine

Improved Window Awning

Designs for Vases

To Inventors

Communications Received


  • Departments


  • Business and Personal

  • Index of Inventions

  • Notes and Queries

  • Patents

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February 01, 1879