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The Great Chanoine Dam at Pittsburg

Science as Applied to Tanning

A Hot Water River

A New Plan for Heating Horse Cars

New York Academy of Sciences

The Angamar Steam Passenger Car

Miscellaneous Inventions

Novel Treadle Motion

The Steam Pilot Boat Hercules

Electrical Signaling Instrument

Improved Hose Nozzle

New Projectile

Agricultural Inventions

American Industries.--No. 26

A Fungoid Growth--The Cause of Whooping Cough

Tussio Convulsiva, Pertussis

By Henry A. Mott

Improved Hardening Tongs

Pruning and Grafting Implement

Tying-in Machine

Mechanical Inventions

New Egg Holder

The Gila Monster

Communications Received


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