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Point Bridge, Pittsburg, Pa

Do Patents Pay!

A Novel Projectile

A Curious Physical Phenomenon

Striking Figures About Cotton

Mining Debris in California

Tin in Maine

The Concord School of Philosophy

The American Science Association

De Locht's Pantelephone

A Novel Binder

Self-Adjusting Watch Key

Experiment Illustrating Discharge of Electricity From Clouds

Submarine Observatory and Electric Light

Miscellaneous Inventions

The Williamsport Panel Planer

Agricultural Inventions

Mechanical Inventions

Novel Air Brake

New Line-Throwing Gun

The Japanese and Chinese Sections of the Berlin International Fisheries Exhibition

By A. W. Roberts

Providence River Oysters

Engineering Inventions

Natural History Notes

Decisions Relating to Patents, Trade Marks, Etc

U. S. Circuit Court-Northern District of Illinois. Adams Vs. Illinois Manufacturing Company.—Patent Lanterns


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September 11, 1880

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism