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Edison's New Dynamo-Electric Machine

Pharaoh's Serpents--Are They Dangerous Toys?

Ice Roads and Railways on Ice

Improvements in the Silvering of Mirrors

Should a Baby Be Fat?

Electric Light Good for the Eyes

Electric Illumination at Menlo Park

The Tehuantepec Ship Railway

Tobacco-Leaf Cutting Knife

Improved Apparatus for Upward Percolation

Machine for Riveting the Tubes of Galloway Boilers

Improved Bench-Plane

Novel Steam Boiler

Bottle Cock for Effervescing Liquids

Mechanical Inventions - January 22, 1881

On Magic Mirrors

By MM Bertin and Dubosq

New Radial Drill

Miscellaneous Inventions

Improved Steam Fog Horn

Natural History Notes

Fresh-Water Medusæ

Curious Fact in Natural History

By C. F. Holder

Transactions of the American Society of Engineers

Engineering Inventions - January 22, 1881

Decisions Relating to Patents

United States Circuit Court.....

Communications Received


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    Recent Inventions - January 22, 1881

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  • Notes and Queries - January 22, 1881

  • Business and Personal - January 22, 1881

  • New Books and Publications - January 22, 1881

  • Index of Inventions - January 22, 1881

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January 22, 1881