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Our Deep Sea Fisheries

Large Craft on the Lakes

Index of United States Patents

The Barge System on the Mississippi

The Reese Circular Saw

Water Supply of Cincinnati

Tyndall's Experiment on Radiant Heat

By Geo. M. Hopkins

Electrical Fire Indicator of M. G. Dupre

Comparative Experiments Made with Naked and Metallized Carbons

By E. Reynier

American Industries.--No. 69

Agricultural Inventions

Improvement in Telephone and Telegraph Lines

New Handle for Soldering Irons

Mechanical Inventions

New Safety Whiffletree

Improved Hydraulic Ram

Novel Fire Kindler

Russian Beer Flagon

Scaly-Finned Fishes

Miscellaneous Inventions

Communications Received


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    Notes and Queries

  • Business and Personal

  • Index of Inventions

  • New Books and Publications

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April 02, 1881