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Gordon's Dynamo Electric Machine

Dangerous Funeral Appliances

The Death and Burial of Woehler

Railway Transportation

Machinery and Labor

Emulsions of Petroleum as Insecticides

By C. V. Riley

Improved Ice Machine

Rotary Mould for Casting Pipes

Improved Galvanic Battery

Saw Filing Machine

Improved Wheel Tire

Allen's Apparatus for Feeding Blast and Other Furnaces

New Traction Engine

Duck With Three Legs

The Elephant by Instantaneous Photography

Agricultural Inventions - January 6, 1883

Miscellaneous Inventions - January 6, 1883

Mechanical Inventions - January 6, 1883

Engineering Inventions - January 6, 1883


  • Departments

    Correspondence - January 6, 1883

  • Recent Inventions - January 6, 1883

  • Business and Personal - January 6, 1883

  • Notes and Queries - January 6, 1883

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January 06, 1883

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