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The Hyatt Filters.-- Manufactured by the Newark Filtering Co., Newark, N. J

Tetanus--Lock Jaw

How Knurls are Made

Loose Pulleys, or Idlers

Robbery as a Basis of Property Right

Fire Damp Explosions

First Steam Fire Engine

Patent Bills in Congress

Bee Culture

Improved Foot Power Hammer

Improved Revolving Harrow

Improved Safety Switch Guard

Aspects of the Planets for March - 1884

Improved Rapid Dumping Cart

The Pons-Brooks Comet

Young Panthers in the Zoological Garden at Dusseldorf, Germany

A New Attachment for Vises

Mechanical Inventions - March 1, 1884

Special - March 1, 1884

Miscellaneous Inventions - March 1, 1884

Engineering Inventions - March 1, 1884

Agricultural Inventions - March 1, 1884


  • Letters

    Correspondence - March 01, 1884

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - March 1, 1884

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - March 1, 1884

  • Notes and Queries - March 1, 1884

  • Index of Inventions - March 1, 1884

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Gene Therapy Comes of Age?

Gene Therapy Comes of Age?

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