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The Viaduct at the Falls of St. Anthony

By H. C. Hovey

America a Huge "Jelly Fish"

Value of Inventions to the World

Progress in Exactness

Decisions Relating to Patents - March 15, 1884

The Triple Thermic Motor

Prospects of the Patent Bills

Patents and Politics

Improved Knife Scourer

The Remington Horse Power Fire Engine

Improved Lock and Latch

Dujour and Bianchi's Single Axle Windlass

The Electric Diadems of the New Ballet "La Farandole"

Petroleum at Baku

The Ornithorhynchus

(Ornitlwrhynchus paradoxus.)

By L. P. Gbatacap

Improved Music Leaf Turner

Improved Rotating Sample Stand

Improved Pail

Agricultural Inventions - March 15, 1884

Special - March 15, 1884

Miscellaneous Inventions - March 15, 1884

Mechanical Inventions - March 15, 1884

Engineering Inventions - March 15, 1884


  • Letters

    Correspondence - March 15, 1884

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - March 15, 1884

  • Departments

    Notes and Queries - March 15, 1884

  • Business and Personal - March 15, 1884

  • Index of Inventions - March 15, 1884

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March 15, 1884

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