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Leveling and Lining Shafts

Turning Metals to Patterns

Car Coupling

Tree Protector

Rein Support

Paper File or Holder

Car Gate

The Electric Railway at Frankfort, Germany

Wagon Seat

The Fish River Caves, Near Sydney, Australia

By J. E. Richter

The Keely Motor Deception

The Ant Lion

By H. C. Hovey

Gas Pressure Moderator

Agricultural Inventions - October 11, 1884

Miscellaneous Inventions - October 11, 1884

Engineering Inventions - October 11, 1884

The Edison Exhibit at the Philadelphia Electrical Exhibition

Shop Savings

A Project for the Reorganization of the Army

Shafts and Belts

Poisoning from Galvanized Iron

Improved Press

Setting Diamonds in Tools

Life Raft

The Industrial Production of Oxygen and Nitrogen

The United States Electric Light Co.'s Exhibit at the Philadelphia Electrical Exhibition

Botanizing Upon a Coin

Young Chimpanzees

Combined Paper Weight and Pencil Sharpener

Decisions Relating to Patents - October 11, 1884

Improved Vise

Mechanical Inventions - October 11, 1884


  • Letters

    Correspondence - October 11, 1884

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - October 11, 1884

  • Departments

    Notes and Queries - October 11, 1884

  • Business and Personal - October 11, 1884

  • Index of Inventions - October 11, 1884

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October 11, 1884