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The Great French Gun

An Electric Gun

Shall Water Pipes and Gas Pipes be Connected with Lightning Rods?

Aspects of the Planets for July - 1885

Spring Frame for Beds

Rolling Mill

Improved Car Replacer

Detachable Handle for Valises

Telegraph Key and Sounder

Object Lens for Telescopes and Cameras

Improved Shaping Machine

Machine for Forming Heels for Ladies' Shoes

Hoffmann's New Plan for a Cemetery

Photographic Camera for Instantaneous Views

Thoroughbred Cattle

Agricultural Inventions - July 4, 1885

Miscellaneous Inventions - July 4, 1885

Engineering Inventions - July 4, 1885


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    New Books and Publications - July 4, 1885

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    Notes and Queries - July 4, 1885

  • Business and Personal - July 4, 1885

  • Index of Inventions - July 4, 1885

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July 04, 1885

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism