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The Great American Dredges on the Panama Canal

Natural Gas Wells in Ohio

Shall Our Canals be Maintained?

An Adjustable Harrow

Wedge Cutter

Machine for Cutting Scrub, Cane, Etc

Hot Air Furnace

An Improved Mechanical Movement

Sand Feeder for Locomotives

End Gate Fastening

Improved Fence Post For Wire Fences

A Guard for Bedsteads

A Muzzle for Cattle

The French Dispatch Torpedo Boat La Bombe

An English Military Railway

Engineering Inventions - August 15, 1885

Agricultural Inventions - August 15, 1885

Miscellaneous Inventions - August 15, 1885


  • Letters

    Correspondence - August 15, 1885

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - August 15, 1885

  • Notes and Queries - August 15, 1885

  • Index Of Inventions - August 15, 1885

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