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Valves and Hydrants

Examinations of Beer

America to Keep the Cup

The Berdan Twin Torpedo

An Improved Skate

Improved Horseshoe

Vehicle Seat

Railroad Gate

Upright Cushioned Helve Hammer

Window Screen and Ventilator

A New Torpedo

Combined Milk Pan and Cheese Mould

A Few New Microscope Accessories

A Novel Clock - September 26, 1885

Improved Steering Apparatus for Rudderless Ships

Photographic Notes - September 26, 1885

An Improved Grain Drier

Electric Apparatus for Submarine Lighting

Electric Light Adapted for use of Naturalists, Chemists, Etc.

Electric Lighting of the Grevin Museum

Engineering Invention - September 26, 1885s

Miscellaneous Inventions - September 26, 1885

Agricultural Inventions - September 26, 1885

Mechanical Inventions - September 26, 1885


  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - September 26, 1885

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - September 26, 1885

  • Notes and Queries - September 26, 1885

  • Index of Inventions - September 26, 1885

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