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The New French Atlantic Steamship La Bourgogne

The American Museum of Natural History

Inventions Wanted in India

National Academy of Sciences--Annual Meeting at Washington

Night Sky--April and May - 1886

By Richard A. Proctor

A Simple Fire Escape

A Crate for Shipping Fruits, Vegetables, Etc.

A Spring for Lumber Wagons

Twick's Combined Land Roller and Clod Crusher

An Adjustable Automatic Oil Cup

Improved Steam Boiler

A Double-Link, Automatic Car Coupling

Construction of Torpedo Boats

Simple Match Trick

A Home-Made Printing Press

A Detachable Billiard Cue Tip

A Small Condensing Engine and Boiler

Othniel Charles Marsh

By A Yale Classmate

Novel Mode of Feeding Lambs

Engineering Inventions - May 1, 1886

Miscellaneous Inventions - May 1, 1886

Special - May 1, 1886


  • Letters

    Correspondence - May 1, 1886

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - May 1, 1886

  • Departments

    Index of Inventions - May 1, 1886

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