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Photographic Notes - September 4, 1886

The Water Supply of New York City

Scoring of Grindstones

Birmingham Corporation Gas Holders

A Milk Cooler that Excludes the Air

An Oil Can with Wick Tube Besides a Nozzle

A Traveling Post and Pile Driver

A Fruit Jar Cover Fitted with Air Pump

Surface Condenser

Automatic Guard and Platform Doors for Railway Cars

Method of Setting Wagon Tires without Heating

Worrell's "Hercules" Drier

French Naval Maneuvers off the Coast of Corsica

Experiments in Sound.--Chladni's Plates

By T. O'Conor Sloane

Decisions Relating to Patents

U. S. Circuit Court—Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division.

Temporary Steering Gear

A Walking Stick Gun

Agricultural Invention - September 4, 1886

To Inventors - September 4, 1886

Engineering Inventions - September 4, 1886

Mechanical Invention - September 4, 1886

Miscellaneous Inventions - September 4, 1886


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September 04, 1886

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