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Hilgard's Design for a Steel Arch Bridge at Minneapolis


Photographic Notes

Improved Pail Ear

Car Coupling

Seal Lock

Metallic Spring for Suspenders

Soldering Case

Floods in India

Tunneling by Freezing

Polarized Light

Practical Applications of the Polariscope

By M. Hopkins

The Quadrumana

By L. P. Gratacap

The Water Tower at Victoria, Texas

Torricelli's Principle and Mercury Fountain

By T O'conor Sloane

Miscellaneous Inventions - October 23, 1886

Agricultural Inventions - October 23, 1886

Mechanical Invention - October 23, 1886

Engineering Inventions - October 23, 1886

To Inventors - October 23, 1886


  • Letters

    Correspondence - October 23, 1886

  • Departments

    Notes and Queries - October 23, 1886

  • Business and Personal - October 23, 1886

  • Index of Inventions - October 23, 1886

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Bacterial Balancing Act

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