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The Government Suit for the Cancellation of the Bell Telephone Patents

Effect of the Use of White Paper upon the Eyes

The Statue of Liberty, New York

The New North

The Abendroth & Root Safety Boiler

Steam Generator

Car Coupling

Car Brake

Apparatus for Closing Apertures in the Hulls of Vessels

Umbrella Support

Fly Catcher

Centerboard for Vessels

A Medicine Chest with Many Conveniences

Handling the Water for a Great City

Automatic Attachment for Locomotives

Effect of the Earthquake on the South Carolina Railway

The Cycloid

By T. O'Conor Sloane

Improved Jacquard Machine

Gauge Attachment for Printing Presses

Fishes of the Malay Archipelago

To Inventors - November 20, 1886

Miscellaneous Inventions - November 20, 1886

Engineering Inventions - November 20, 1886

Agricultural Inventions - November 20, 1886


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    Notes and Queries - November 20, 1886

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November 20, 1886