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A Good Rule--Doubt Must be Resolved in Favor of the Inventor

Removal of Snow from Streets

Direct use of Steam as Motive Power of Aerostats

The Atmosphere of Caves

Propulsion for Ocean Steamers by the Steam Jet

Improved Car Coupling

Improved Harrow

The Glycerine Barometer

Mercury Bubbles

By T. O'conor Sloane

Combined Hook and Buckle

Cotton Chopper

Improved Sugar Machinery

Telephone Transmitter

Fall of a Great Water Tower

Recent Types of the Gatling Gun

The Fishing Frog

Trichechus Americanus--Manatee

By W. O. Ayres

Engineering Inventions

Agricultural Inventions

Mechanical Invention

Miscellaneous Inventions - December 25, 1886

Special - December 25, 1886

To Inventors - December 25, 1886


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    Notes and Queries - December 25, 1886

  • Business and Personal - December 25, 1886

  • Index of Inventions - December 25, 1886

  • Index - December 25, 1886

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Lifestyle Changes. Lifetime Benefits.

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