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Bridging the Hudson at Poughkeepsie

Sir Joseph Whitworth

The Bell Telephone Suits

The Pet Ambition of John Roach

Lathe for Amateurs and Light Shop Work

Device for Trimming the Ends of Tubes

An Electrical Music Baton

Improved Gas Pliers

Balanced Cooking Stove for Ships

Back Band for Harness

The Ingersoll Duplex Rock Drilling Machine

Improved Lead Pipe Reel

Improved Spring Wheel Traction Engine

Some New Fishes

By C. F. Holder

Swing Bicycle

Improved Railway Rail Joint

Improved Car Brake

Science in Toys

Mechanical Inventions - February 5, 1887

Miscellaneous Inventions - February 5, 1887

To Inventors - February 5, 1887

Agricultural Inventions - February 5, 1887

Engineering Inventions - February 5, 1887


  • Letters

    Correspondence - February 5, 1887

  • Departments

    Index of Inventions - February 5, 1887

  • Notes and Queries - February 5, 1887

  • Business and Personal - February 5, 1887

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February 05, 1887

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism