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Improved Caloric Engine

Are Steel Guns Really Superior?

The Cocaine Habit

New Amendment of the Design Patent Law

The Frilled Shark--The Oldest Living Type of Vertebrates

Emery Wheels for Gumming Saws

A Simple Device for Crimping Boots or Shoes

Plasterer's Hawk

Improved Blind Stop

Combined Bench and Ironing Board

Adjustable Wood Measuring Rack

Protector for Ladies' Hats

Penberthy Injector

Improved Stump Puller

Combined Brush and Comb Cleaner

Our Winter Birds

By E. M. Hasbrouck

Thermoscopic Balance

By Geo. M. Hopkins

Improved Marine Dredger

The Northern Lights

Effect of a Torpedo on an Ironclad

Chevreul's Black

By T. O'conor Sloane

Torpedo Boat Armed with Pneumatic Dynamite Guns

Miscellaneous Inventions - February 26, 1887

Engineering Inventions - February 26, 1887

Agricultural Inventions - February 26, 1887

To Inventors - February 26, 1887


  • Letters

    Correspondence - February 26, 1887

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - February 26, 1887

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - February 26, 1887

  • Notes and Queries - February 26, 1887

  • Index of Inventions - February 26, 1887

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February 26, 1887

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