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The First American Type Writer

The United States Joins the Industrial Union

Ant-Eater and Penguin

The Keystone Automatic Car Coupler

Improved Cutter Bar for Mowers and Reapers

Improved Condenser for Wool, Cotton, Cotton Waste, Etc.

Combined Latch and Lock

Combined Cigarette and Match Box

Improved Stove Pipe Collar

Improved Firearm

Improved Butter Jar

Device for Securing Envelopes, Etc.

Improved Ore Crusher and Amalgamator

Improved Peach Stoner

Eight Light Dynamo

By George M. Hopkins

The Polar Bear and Seals

Exercises in Prestidigitation

Conduit for Underground Conductors

Apparatus for Determining the Specific Gravity of Liquids

By T. O'Conor Sloane

Elevated Cable Road with Suspended Car

Miscellaneous Inventions - April 30, 1887

Engineering Inventions - April 30, 1887

To Inventors - April 30, 1887


  • Letters

    Correspondence - April 30, 1887

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - April 30, 1887

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - April 30, 1887

  • Notes and Queries - April 30, 1887

  • Index of Inventions - April 30, 1887

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April 30, 1887

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