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Raising a Sunken Steamship

Accession of the United States to the Industrial Union

Use of the Siren in Marine Signaling

The Economical Disposition of Primary Batteries

A Mill to Free Rice from its Hulls

A Miner's Tool to Cut Fuses, Set Caps, Etc.

An Automatic Wood Turning Lathe

A Device to Feed the Seed in Cotton Planting

A Steam Heated Ironing Machine

A Dustless Carpet Sweeper

A Wall Protecting Attachment for Furniture

An Improved Key Hole Guide and Escutcheon

A Pen for Double and Single Line Ruling

An Improved Water Gauge Float

The Premium Folding Stool and Chair

A New Style of Thermometer

Larv of Bot Fly in Horse's Stomach

By James F. M'dougall

New French Armorclad Cruiser Le Terrible

Improved Automatic Cut off Engine

Simple Photographic and Photo-Micrographic Apparatus

Engineering Invention - July 9, 1887

Miscellaneous Inventions - July 9, 1887

To Inventors - July 9, 1887


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    New Books and Publications - July 9, 1887

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    Business and Personal - July 9, 1887

  • Notes and Queries - July 9, 1887

  • Index of Inventions - July 9, 1887

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