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Advancement of Science

Photographic Notes - August 27, 1887

The Blot upon Our Statute Books

Positions of the Planets in September - 1887

A Sewing Machine Cover and Stool

Locomotive Attachment for Removing Obstructions from Railroad Tracks

An Improved Churn

An Improved Foot Rest

An Improved Car Coupler

A Machine for Forming Square Tin Cans

Combined Measuring Jackets and Patterns

An Improved Pump

An Improved Odometer

An Improved Horse Collar

An Improved Electrical Car Brake

On the Pyromagnetic Dynamo--A Machine for Producing Electricity Directly from Fuel

By Thomas A. Edison

Millot's Hydraulic Wheel

The Firth of Forth Bridge

By B. Baker

A Tattooed Whale

Bruijn's Echidna (Proechidna Bruijni), New Guinea Ant Eater

Musical Flames

By Geo. M Hopkins

Agricultural Inventions - August 27, 1887

Engineering Inventions - August 27, 1887

Miscellaneous Inventions - August 27, 1887

Special - August 27, 1887

Fresh Air

To Inventors - August 27, 1887


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    Business and Personal - August 27, 1887

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August 27, 1887

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism