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Advancement of Science

The Blot upon Our Statute Books

Photographic Notes - August 27, 1887

Positions of the Planets in September - 1887

A Sewing Machine Cover and Stool

An Improved Foot Rest

An Improved Car Coupler

Locomotive Attachment for Removing Obstructions from Railroad Tracks

An Improved Churn

Combined Measuring Jackets and Patterns

An Improved Horse Collar

An Improved Odometer

An Improved Pump

A Machine for Forming Square Tin Cans

An Improved Electrical Car Brake

On the Pyromagnetic Dynamo--A Machine for Producing Electricity Directly from Fuel

By Thomas A. Edison

The Firth of Forth Bridge

By B. Baker

Millot's Hydraulic Wheel

A Tattooed Whale

Bruijn's Echidna (Proechidna Bruijni), New Guinea Ant Eater

Musical Flames

By Geo. M Hopkins

Miscellaneous Inventions - August 27, 1887

Engineering Inventions - August 27, 1887

To Inventors - August 27, 1887

Agricultural Inventions - August 27, 1887

Special - August 27, 1887

Fresh Air


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    Business and Personal - August 27, 1887

  • Index of Inventions - August 27, 1887

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