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Photographic Notes - February 4, 1888

A Simple and Efficient Pipe Cutter

Water Gauge and Water Column Combined

Improved Running Gear for Vehicles

An Improved Water Closet Box

An Improved Life Boat

A Combination Toilet Implement

Improved Tongs for Handling Nails

A Combined Whip and Cane

An Improved Cleat

An Improved Horseshoe Pad

An Improved Saw Gauge

The Poughkeepsie Bridge

Mathew, the Cuban Monkey

Pascal's Vase

By T. O'Conor Sloane

The Electrical Type Writer

By F. Higgins

Miscellaneous Inventions - February 4, 1888

Engineering Invention - February 4, 1888

To Inventors - February 4, 1888


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February 04, 1888