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A Venetian Ship Railway

The Celestial World - April 14, 1888

Photographic Notes - April 14, 1888

A Bale Ejecting Attachment for Presses

The City of New York

A Device for Quieting Waves in Storms

A Clamp or Bridle for Paint Brushes

An Improved Draft Attachment for Plows

An Improved Belt Tightener

An Improved Balance Piston Ring Packing

A Combination Lock and Alarm

An Improved Car Coupling

Improved Spring for Side Bar Vehicles

An Improved Tension Device for Looms

An Improved Sleigh Knee

An Improved Device for Renovating Garments

Moving the Brighton Beach Hotel

The Roman Aqueduct at Nimes

The Waltham Non-Magnetic Watch

An Improved Air Pump Governor

Experiments Illustrating the Principle of the Dynamo

By Geo. M. Hopkins

Miscellaneous Inventions - April 14, 1888

Engineering Invention - April 14, 1888

To Inventors - April 14, 1888


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    Correspondence - April 14, 1888

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April 14, 1888