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Launch of the York-Town and Vesuvius

A Patent Law for Switzerland

Successful Moving of a Great Hotel

Proposed Reorganization of Public Works

The Celestial World - May 12, 1888

An Improved Suspender Buckle

An Improved Nut Lock

An Improved Rotary Engine

An Improved Bag Holder

An Improved Stock Tether

A Combined Tie, Chair, and Fish Plate

An Improved Gate

An Improved Paddle-Belt

An Improved Apparatus for Examining Ores

An Improved Fruit Jar

An Improved Self-Inking Printing Press

Improved Plate Straightening Machine

The Decomposition of Water and Absorption of Carbon Dioxide by Caustic Soda

By T. O'Conor Sloane

Virot's Steam Carriage

Sectional Model of Steam Engine

Preparation of Butter-Flies for the Cabinet

Miscellaneous Inventions - May 12, 1888

Agricultural Invention - May 12, 1888

Engineering Inventions - May 12, 1888

To Inventors - May 12, 1888


  • Letters

    Correspondence - May 12, 1888

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - May 12, 1888

  • Departments

    Business and Personal - May 12, 1888

  • Notes and Queries - May 12, 1888

  • Index of Inventions - May 12, 1888

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