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Inside and Outside of a Torpedo Vessel--H. M. S. Rattlesnake

Apparatus for Cooling Air in Theaters

The International Congress of Anthropology

The Emperor of Germany

Are Fast or Slow Steamers the Safest?

Miscellaneous Notes - June 23, 1888

Photographic Notes - June 23, 1888

Burning Natural Gas

Catching Bait in Calais Harbor

An Improved Steam Coupling for Cars

An Improved Fan for Cars

An Improved Copy Holder

An Improved Bell Collar for Cattle

An Implement for Tsansplanting Plants

An Improved Animal Trap

Portable Magic Lantern

By T. O'conor Sloane

Agricultural Invention - June 23, 1888

Miscellaneous Inventions - June 23, 1888

Engineering Inventions - June 23, 1888

To Inventors - June 23, 1888


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    New Books and Publications - June 23, 1888

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    Business and Perssonal - June 23, 1888

  • Index of Inventions - June 23, 1888

  • Notes and Queries - June 23, 1888

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June 23, 1888

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