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Machine Guns in Shore Defense

"Recipes For Making Gout"

Naval Wars of the Future

A Rumor About the Compass

Hemp vs. Iron in Ocean Cables

An Improved Metallic Railroad Tie

The Machine Gallery, Paris Exhibition

An Improved Track Laying Apparatus

An Improved Life-Saving Net

A New Water Power Developing Device

Improved Mill for Crushing Sugar Cane

An Improved Cultivator

An Improved Window Burglar Guard

Method of Producing Designs on Wire Cloth

By Geo. M. Hopkins

An Improved Tobacco Smoking Pipe

The Ball Electric Light System

An Indicator Attachment for Passenger Elevators

The American Patent Pop Safety Valve

An Improved Sewer Ventilator

The Great Rolling Mill of the St. Jacques Works

Chesley Heal, the Centenarian

An Improved Bicycle

To Inventors- February 9, 1889


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  • Index of Inventions- February 9, 1889

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