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Dredging and Reclaiming Land in Glorietta Bay, California

By Thornton F. Haines

The Valkyrie

W. Irving Bishop, "Mind Reader"

Automatic Leak Detector for Pipes

An Electric Striking and Repeating Clock

A Rivet Holding Tool for Boilers

Improved Hatchway Closing Device

An Improved Hammock Support

An Improved Bundle Carrier

An Improved Barrel Cover

Drying Attachment for Brick Kilns

An Improved Transplanting Pot

An Improved Reinholder

An Improved Side Curtain for Buggies

An Improved Gravel Screen

Improved Truss for Abdominal Ruptures

Improved Hose Coupling for Railway Cars

Air Brake Hose

The French War Ship Amiral Baudin

Frederick A. P. Barnard

Vortex Motion

By Geo. M. Hopkins

A Curiosity in Plant Life

By N. W. Halcomb

To Inventors- May 25,1889


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    Business and Personal- May 25,1889

  • Recently Patented Inventions- May 25,1889

  • Notes and Queries- May 25,1889

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May 25, 1889

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