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The McConnell Germ-Proof Filters

Wine Making Represented at the Fair

Safety on Railroads

A Chance for American Contractors

Notes from the Worlds Columbian Exposition

A Counting Attachment for Printing Presses

An Improved Brake Valve

A Wonderfully Cheap Watch

Drop Forgings at the Fair

An Electrical Binding Post

The Caw's Pen and Ink Company Exhibit

A Steel Pen Exhibit at the Fair

An Improved Stall for Milk Cattle

Washington's Red Cedar Vase

A Monster Diamond

The Rordame Comet

A Trolley Wire Finder for Electric Railways

The Northern Diver at the Leipzig Zoological Garden

The World's Columbian Exposition--A View on the Grand South Canal

Heavy Wagons Shown at the Fair

A. W. Grays Sons Exhibit of Horse Powers

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